Stellar Research Services

Stellar provides a dynamic and passionate programme management service, committed to delivering complex, multi-disciplinary projects to the Customer’s satisfaction, on time and within budget. We excel at facilitating coherent and synergetic team responses in challenging timescales, particularly in technically demanding landscapes and with partners from disparate backgrounds. A key strength is the culture of using our excellent analytical and decision making skills to quickly identify the critical strategic path and bring clarity and focus. Robust risk management and an experienced and dedicated approach ensure that we optimise the programme delivery. Managing and developing Stakeholder relationships is a key tenet of the process.

Our services comprise 3 principal strands:

  • Programme and project management of complex programmes, particularly those which include disparate technologies or solution providers and require excellent analytical skills and leadership. We specialise in delivering programmes using a team approach, levering the team synergy and culture of joint ownership and collaboration to overcome programme challenges and set-backs;
  • Building of synergetic bespoke consortia in response to specific Customer requests or funding opportunities – the resulting team may be led by a major contractor, or by another team partner;
  • Proposal preparation and management of both the technical and commercial processes – whilst the scope and coherence of the technical content of the proposal is crucial, Stellar is also expert at shaping the commercial framework if required, ensuring that payment schedules drive the programme effectively and that IPR is competently managed.

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